Realm web design and mobile responsive design



AudioCom began as an audiophile house in the 1960s providing audio and home theatre solutions to the greater NYC market. Over the past decade they have shifted their core business and have become the premier designer, builder, and integrator of high-end home and business automation systems serving high net worth individuals and celebrity clientele.

Initially we were called upon to design and develop a website to better showcase their new offerings. During our Brand Discovery Phase it became apparent that an entire rebranding of the company was needed.

We conceived of Realm as an ideal identifier for a company that provides complete control over your environment. Repositioning them as a lifestyle brand, we launched the new identity across multiple media channels and continue to manage the brand providing ongoing marketing & advertising initiatives.


Services Provided

Research and Insights  
Brand Positioning
Brand Promise
Content Strategy

Brand Naming
Brand Identity Design
Brand Voice & Messaging
Brand Narrative


Patrick Crawford