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Warwick Hotels + Resorts


Warwick Hotels and Resorts is a global hospitality company operating in 25 countries. Named for its flagship hotel in Manhattan, Warwick has long been known for providing luxury accommodations to celebrities, world leaders, and discerning travelers. Once the home of Cary Grant and host to the Beatles, Warwick came to us for help in updating their brand for a new era of luxury travel.

After a thorough discovery process with the executive leadership and an audit of competing brands, we designed and developed a new identity system that referenced Warwick's heritage of providing royal treatment through the lens of the modern traveler. The resulting system included an extensive reworking of their brand architecture, the design of the parent brand, as well as many sub-brands around the world. 


Services Provided

Research and Insights
Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Brand Architecture

Naming & Nomenclature
Brand Identity Design
Brand Voice & Messaging
Brand Guidelines

Various Print Collateral
Environmental Design

Patrick Crawford