This is a Blog After All

The question is what to write about. This is a blog after all, and the world knows there are too many boring blogs out there. Especially if you go poking around design and branding sites. Everyone in the industry is convinced blogs are a good idea but precious few have anything worth reading.

So what will we be saying here? News about recent engagements—probably, thoughts on the elements of design, the usefulness of the grid, yeah, perhaps that, too. Rants about what's going on in the industry, praise of our clients and peers, and all the rest? Yes, that too, but if we’re writing about anything but our own work, you’ll know we’re busy.

What I’d like to see happen in this space is for us to open a window into our process, into the way we think about clients and their business problems, how we make our clients the heroes of their respective stories and how we step aside to guide them rather than push. (Who am I kidding? Sometimes I push, but hopefully only when it’s needed). Our goal is to develop brands that are narrative-driven. That takes a lot of work. It requires the careful development of both a verbal and visual language that reinforces who our clients actually are. And that, finding out who our clients actually are and helping them see and articulate that, is why we do what we do.

Stay tuned and get a first-hand look at what makes a boutique branding agency tick, and more importantly, what makes a brand work. Not in the studio, not in a case study, but actually work—out in the wild, where it will be loved or hated, where it will engender loyalty or be ignored, where it will be judged by people who are confronted with six thousand marketing messages a day.